Make mine a Pint not two halves.

I hate referenda. I hate the abrogation of power with consequence but no responsibility to the people – to the feeling iPhoned mob. I hate what its doing to my friends, to the aurora of bores at dinner parties. I hate the Pythonesque ‘what’s the EU ever done for us,’ the single transferable racism as if any of them are in any way adversely affected by ‘immigration’. Unless they see their wonderful Brazilian maid, the nice French couple next door, the pretty Latvian Pilates coach and the wisdom of (sometimes) brilliant foreign minds as being damaging to their pampered lives. But most of all I hate the 50/50 split. What does that mean. Are half the people in my street voting out? Half the people at the chemist, half the people on the 22 bus, half the people on the M3 yesterday, half the people I have ever met in my whole life? Are they voting to leave? Based on what? What do they know, that I don’t? We have all been hearing and seeing the same stats and spats, and yet if YouGov and Ipsos Mori are to be believed, half of everybody, dim and bright, have reached a diametrically opposite conclusion to me! Is this what is meant by the (Homer) Simpson Paradox?
It doesn’t make sense. Spin a coin a thousand times it will be mostly heads 50% and tails 50%. Occasionally it might land on its edge, a small and statistically insignificant anomaly. But we are not coins to be spun, nor is Thursday’s X a random choice we make as we enter the booth. If people truly still don’t know (how can they not know, by now), then don’t change your life and mine for the hell of it based on some Shangri-La La land. Stick with what we’ve got. Its not perfect, but its OK. And for Gawds sake let’s have a Pint of something strong, not two halves of bitterness for years to come.

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John Stonborough FCIPR specialises in media relations, providing an authoritative and discreet advocacy to corporate and private clients world-wide. He specialises in handling the hostile media and media regulation. He is known for observing "An interview is no time for an original thought." He is the great-nephew of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. His working career began as a London policeman and then as a reporter for the Daily Mail, BBC Radio 4, Thames Television and Channel 4 TV. From 2001 to 2004 he was The Media Advisor to the House of Commons Commission. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He is married and lives in London, England.
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  1. Nicolas Craig says:

    KIWI Craig here from Northumberland. I thought this piece was brilliant – I do not do social media as I am far too old but my wife showed me the piece and I thought it was spot on. Sadly We will now be in chaos but do come and see us in Northumberland

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